Addiction affects so many lives not only the loved one in addiction but their loved ones as well. Over my lifetime I have seen several family and friends who battled addiction – some overcame the addiction and others didn’t. Most recently my Uncle battled alcoholism and depression which l believe led him to take his own life. When I found out the cause of death, I was shocked and had a hard time comprehending what happened.  I keep asking myself even to this day what might have happened if I had known of his intent? Were there signs I wasn’t noticing? How could I have intervened? My mother also questioned herself wondering if she could have done something. I can no longer see my Uncle in this lifetime, but he will never be forgotten. In honor of his memory, I am giving to GOAL Project so that others like my Uncle may find help before it is too late. – Oliver Arthur (Image is not an actual reflection of persons in the story.)

GOAL is hard at work to reduce the stigma in the faith community. When we address the Stigma of addiction, we can move forward in the recovery process for ourselves and our loved ones. It is important for us to share our stories to reduce the stigma of addiction. What is your story?

There are several ways to share your story:

  1. Send a one-page letter to GOAL and mail to 313 W Liberty St, Ste 355, Lancaster, PA 17603
  2. Email to GOAL at
  3. Give to goal at and write a tribute or honorarium of a loved one or friend while helping GOAL raise 12,000 matching fund (your gift will be doubled by a generous donor).
  4. Call GOAL at 717 824 3310 and share by voice.

If you want your story to be anonymous, you can indicate that when you share your story.  Thank you for helping all of us to heal from the effects of addiction. May God bless you.