My name is Margaret and I am an alcoholic. It took me forty years to find my way to sobriety. When I did it was with a bolt from God in a closet where I was pouring vodka into orange juice at 7AM in the morning. Shortly thereafter I put myself in Rehab for 28 days. When I left there I became an active member of AA and learned everything I know about spirituality. That journey eventually led me back to the catholic church of my childhood where I have found hope and peace. I’m participating in this addiction prevention and recovery support ministry because I think it’s time for me to give back to God and to my faith the gratitude I feel for being saved.

I know that there is still a lot of fear, shame and guilt surrounding addiction. My hope is that our church can offer a safe and understanding place where addicts and those who love them can find the understanding and resources they need to work towards sobriety.  By being involved in this ministry, I hope that we can create awareness for the congregation and community about this deadly disease, and offer them a path forward without judgment or stigma.

As AA says: Do you want to give up everything for one thing? Or do you want to give up one thing for everything? Hope and faith can work miracles.

-Margaret Sanders, Historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Lancaster (Image does not reflect the person in the story.)