In 2014, WHO reported Uganda ranked fifth ahead of South Africa, Gabon, Namibia, and Niberia, respectively, in alcohol consumption. The three primary providers of addiction treatment services in Kampala report a 90 percent relapse rate. Based on success in implementing AOD projects in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, GOAL has launched a five year AOD project under the auspices of the UCU Counseling Department.

In three years time, Uganda Christian University(UCU) with GOAL’s mission team support accomplished the following:

  • Adopted a UCU AOD policy in 2016.
  • AA, NA groups are now multiplying.
  • AlAnon groups have been launched.
  • Collaborations are taking place with Ministry of Health, police, Ministry of Gender, Church of Uganda and other denominations.
  • Trainings continue with Butabika Hospital and Serenity Centre (2 of the 4 treatment centers in Uganda); 80 students battling addiction have been helped by Counseling department, 35 have been referred for treatment to these rehabilitation centers.
  • Started Drug Free Club on UCU campuses to promote drug free lifestyles among the university students and staff.
  • Drafted and presented a ban to the minister of Kampala regarding production, promotion, and sale of alcohol sachets below 300mls in the whole country. Will be adopted in January, 2018.
  • Since UCU is the first academic institution to start such a programme, Ps Ezra Napoleon, who has been paid through GOAL, leads many national forums on drug use prevention and training. The programme has attracted the attention of top government officials including the Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament, Minister of Kampala, Minister of Health, Inspector General of Police.  Advocacy for a National Alcohol Control Policy is being drafted by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Industry.
  • Three members of the UCU counseling staff are now going through a Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use Disorders (UTC) course to become certified. (funded by US State Department).
  • Two successful recovery walks have been held: one in 2016 and another after our team left in 2017.
  • Three issues of the Addiction Recovery magazine have now been distributed to schools and communities.

Beginning in 2018:

  • GOAL will enter into an agreement with the Church of Uganda (Anglican) to develop a prevention curriculum for all parochial schools and colleges.