GOAL is supporting The Church of Uganda to implement a prevention program in 640 secondary schools of 37 Church of Uganda Dioceses across the country to help youths avoid or delay using drugs.  The goal of this program is to promote scientific evidence-based community, family and school programmes and strategies for the purpose of preventing drug use among children and adolescents.

To help build capacity, a team of 10 Church of Uganda clergy, counselors and lay leaders are being trained in Drug Use Prevention science (Core and School Track) as part of capacity building to steer the implementation of the program countrywide. Internal collaborators are Directorate of Health, Children Ministry Department, Youth Department, Family and Household Department and Girls and Boys Brigade department.  A workshop was held for 37 Diocesan Education Coordinators and children ministry coordinators where sensitization, and needs assessment were done. All the 37 coordinators expressed their desire to implement this program in their dioceses. Where possible, the clergy, their wives, and students’ parents will be engaged as well.


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Notably, in early July 2019, Uganda’s National Drug Authority Senior Management agreed to partner with the Church of Uganda to develop a holistic strategy and create long-term partnerships that include Family, School, Youth, Health and the Workplace. The Authority also has access to media that can be utilized for advocacy and education.