Dear Caring Reader,

Families all around us are struggling silently with loved ones with mental health issues and addictions.  Because of the stigma and shame around these issues, few talk about it, prolonging the pain for everyone.  This is also true in the faith community.  GOAL Project educates families through faith organizations because they are where families turn to first for spiritual guidance around addiction.  GOAL Project seeks to reduce the stigma around addiction by shining the light of truth on this ubiquitous public health issue.  We address misunderstandings on what addiction is and is not, causes of addiction, prevention, while supporting people in recovery for sustained healing.  GOAL Project’s mission is to prepare and support our community to address the challenges of addiction and recovery so that all may be free from addiction.  We do that by providing public education and increase local community resources for sustainable recovery support.

Addiction is a symptom of a systemic problem in our culture. Addiction can happen to anyone. GOAL is dedicated to bringing light to those living in darkness and with it, a pathway to health.  Together, we know that by the healing power of God, we can be the conduits to help families and their loved ones who suffer from the disease of addiction. We are grateful to work with community partners who care because we can’t do it alone. Thank you for coming alongside us with your hands, feet and generosity to support GOAL as we work to impact our community with addiction prevention and sustainable recovery education.

To give, go to or send a check to GOAL, made out to GOAL Project. Mail to 313 W Liberty Street, Suite 355, Lancaster, PA 17603.

May you be richly blessed.

Shanece Ranae Bowman
Executive Director