The F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives Program assists faith organizations build sustainable addiction prevention and recovery support programs/ministries.  GOAL collaborates with Faith Partners LLC, a national non-profit that has trained hundreds of congregational teams from 22 different faith traditions in over 29 states with their evidence-based model.

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Program Goals 

  • Fewer people experience alcohol and other drug addictions;
  • More people receive help in earlier stages of the addiction disease;
  • Family members receive support and assistance in living a healthier lifestyle; and
  • Congregations be active in local advocacy, prevention, educational and recovery support efforts.

Phase I:

Faith communities are invited to GOAL’s F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives’ leadership training with the support of local agencies and collaborators.

Phase II:
Team Development

Congregational members including clergy and lay leadership are trained and ‘next steps’ are outlined that include:

  • congregational survey;
  • creation of a strategic plan; and
  • building local resources.

Included in the training is ongoing, customized workshops designed to strengthen teams.

Phase III:
Skills and Sustainability

Program/ministry members are provided with consultations and offered specific skills trainings.  Trainings are provided by GOAL’s local team of professionals who adapt to program/ministry needs.  A support network of F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives members meet quarterly to share and learn best practices from one another.

Wrap-Around Workshops

GOAL comes along side your team to provide customized educational support to equip and  sustain your program/ministry. Below is a partial list of available workshops.

  • Addiction is a Family Disease
  • Addiction, Family Issues, Recovery and Healing
  • Congregational Awareness and Empowerment
  • How Addiction Affects Members of your Congregation
  • Clergy Training
  • Coping after Overdose Death
  • And more! to view the full list trainings please visit: Workshops We Bring to You

Workshops In Action


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