At GOAL Project we are actively helping those in need and those searching for training on how to help others.

With your donation we are able to continue the success we have been able to provide in ours and neighboring communities.

You can read one, of the many, stories of success that we were able to provide.

Cayley’s Story

I had a “normal” upbringing in rural Vermont in the fifties. I eventually moved to Philadelphia and spent the next ten years changing jobs and trying to find myself while getting a library degree. I started finding my way back to the church and met my husband.  We got married and had two girls.  We “fell into” having a drink after dinner and thought nothing of it until one drink became several for my husband. Still, I was in denial and continued to manage my distress privately; but my girls knew there was a problem.  After retirement, my husband began drinking to go to sleep; oftentimes, he passed out first, and there were many incidents where he got hurt.  In one of his binges, he fell on our patio and fractured three ribs and punctured his lung. He was hospitalized for three months and was transferred to a physical rehabilitation unit for two weeks so he could learn to walk again. By this point, I had been going to Alanon – a 12 step program for families of alcoholics- for about 5 years seeking help to cope.  However, I also sought comfort and direction from my church. While they were sympathetic, they really did not know how to help with addiction related issues. They referred me to a Stephen Minister who helped me deal with the grief and pain. While I was grateful for Stephen Ministers, it was distressing that my church did not have the ability to provide support for me and my family.  Thankfully, my Associate Pastor was aware of my story, and when GOAL launched the F.A.I.T.H. Initiatives program, she pushed our church leaders to participate.  I am a ministry member now and very happy to be part of this ministry to support others going through what I endured and am still enduring.  I am grateful for GOAL Project for this training and coming alongside us. Families need this.  Our churches need this.  Our communities need this. I especially need this to give back to God.   I am also very happy to share that my husband is now sober and regularly attends AA meetings.

– Cayley (Name changed for privacy.)