Restoring Families of Addiction – Session 7 Enabling 101

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Restoring Families of Addiction: Session 7  Enabling 101

September 14, 2021
6 – 8pm

A 12-Month Series – Each Workshop is via ZOOM, Every 2nd Tuesday of each month.

2 PCB Credit Hours
Bilingual! Spanish/English

Workshop Description:

Participants will gain clarity on the definition of “Enabling” in context to addictive behaviors and the role family/loved ones play in the life of the addicted person. A variety of enabling behaviors will be discussed that impact both the enabling and the addicted persons such as Making Excuses, Rescuing, Covering, Denying, and others. This presentation will discuss the methodology of enabling behaviors/actions in contrast to the methodology of supportive behaviors/actions and addicted person—as support actions promote healthy recovery


As a result of attending this workshop, you will gain…

  • the term “Enabling” by definition, types, and in context to the behavioral life of those in addiction;
  • the effect enabling has on the addicted persons and loved ones/others;
  • the characteristics of the Enabler; and
  • the difference between enabling the addicted person and providing support


Joel Jakubowski, EdD
Men’s Program Director, The Potter’s House
Addiction Recovery Program
of Lancaster County






Celso Mesias
Prevention Specialist & Translator


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Meeting ID: 854 5309 8815

Passcode: 890557

Restoring Families of Addiction | Session 7: Enabling 101
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