Is it Mental Illness or Addiction or Both?
How Do I Help?

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Is it Mental Illness or Addiction or Both? How do I help? – View PDF

Training Description In our current climate of increased addictions, how do faith leaders discern between addictions and mental illnesses? What do we do when we suspect a person is struggling with both? Why are individuals with mental illnesses drawn to addictive behaviors and why are the behaviors so common between them? Janelle Bitikofer will enlighten us on mental illnesses that often co-occur with addictions and how to identify common associated behaviors and help someone experiencing them.

You will leave the training better understanding…

  1. Key mental illnesses that impact people who experience an addiction;
  2. How and why mental illnesses and addictions often co-exist in people’s lives;
  3. How to help someone who is experiencing both a mental illness and an addiction.



Janelle Bitikofer, MSW, LCSW

Janelle Bitikofer is a mental health and addictions counselor and educator with more than twenty years of experience assisting individuals and families. She has worked in all levels of mental health and addictions treatment, from psychiatric hospitals and inpatient drug treatment programs to outpatient counseling and emergency response services. Janelle is the Executive Director of We Rise International and the author of “Streetlights” a mental health and addictions guidebook for faith leaders. She’s served in leadership roles in various churches since 1996.

GOAL Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to helping others offer the compassionate response of recovery to the disease of addiction and its prevention.


Is it Mental Illness or Addiction or Both? 5-8-20
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