Addiction and Family Interactions

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Addiction and Family Interactions
October 9, 2021  9am – 4pm

Location: Carpenter Community Church
378 Glenbrook Road
Leola, pA 17540

Lunch is included

6PCB Credits




Workshop Objectives:

In-depth workshop where participants will learn the myths of addiction; the connection between the addiction process as it relates to neurobiological functioning and its correlation with biblical principles and the change process; family roles and co-dependencies; understand enabling behaviors, types, and context to the behavioral life of those in addiction and its effect on family members.

You will gain an understanding on…

      • why family members are at an inherent disadvantage to respond to addiction in healthy and productive ways;
      • the concept of “hitting rock bottom” and “will power” as it relates to addiction and recovery;
      • the addicted, the brain, and biblical messages;
      • family roles and co-dependencies;
      • enabling behaviors: definition, types and impact.










Joel Jakubowski, EdD
Men’s Program Director at
The Potter’s House Addiction
Recovery Program of Lancaster County



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Addiction and Family Interactions - October 9, 2021

Addiction and Family Interactions - October 9, 2021

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