GOAL responds and initiates training nationally and internationally for individuals, churches, schools, counties, and countries who need information and education about what to do about addicts and their family members. GOAL responds through:
  • Conducting training on the disease of addiction;
  • Developing curriculum which can be used in local and regional settings;
  • Initiating 12-step recovery/support groups where they do not exist;
  • Providing training for those persons going to international mission locations;
  • Working collaboratively with a variety of organizations to asset in the building of courses and curricula that combines faith sensitivity and expert science;
  • Providing assistance to congregations to develop sustainable team ministries in prevention and recovery support.

GOAL Project supports the model of RECOVERY which is both healing and a miracle. We seek to offer compassion and not punishment as the key that unlocks RECOVERY!


GOAL Project is a 501 (c) 3 Christian organization committed to helping others offer the compassionate response of Recovery to the disease of addiction. For over 20 years GOAL has been offering resources, training, consultation, information, and help forming 12-step support groups so that churches and communities are in a better position to respond to individuals and family members who have been devastated by this disease. Historically GOAL has responded to invitations from countries such as Russia, Romania, Honduras, Belize, Tajikistan, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana to assist them in responding to issues around addiction.

Recovery from the disease of Addiction fills the “hole in the soul” of individuals and family members with a new relationship with self, God and others and is core message of GOAL. GOAL provides professional volunteer training teams both locally and internationally.


  • GOAL Project is a 501 (c) 3 organization, able to receive charitable donations;
  • GOAL Project’s Federal Employee Identification Number is: 47-0894489;
  • GOAL Project is listed on Guide Star, USA. This is a leading source of non-profit information;
  • Each year the number of different individuals, organizations and foundations who make a donation to GOAL Project increases by at least 10%.