Our Mission

To prepare and support the community to address the challenges of addiction and recovery.

GOAL Project is a 501 (c) 3 organization committed to helping others offer the compassionate response of recovery to the disease of addiction. Since 1991, GOAL has been offering resources, training, consultation, information, and help to form support groups so that churches and communities are in a better position to respond to individuals and family members who have been devastated by this disease. GOAL has worked in countries such as Russia, Romania, Honduras, Belize, Tajikistan, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and the United States to assist them in responding to issues around addiction.

A new relationship with oneself, God and community is the core message of GOAL Project. GOAL provides professional volunteer training teams both locally and internationally.

GOAL Project’s Federal Employee Identification Number is: 47-0894489;


  • GOAL Project is a 501 (c) 3 organization, able to receive charitable donations;
  • GOAL Project’s Federal Employee Identification Number is: 47-0894489;
  • GOAL Project is listed on Guide Star, USA. This is a leading source of non-profit information;
  • Each year the number of different individuals, organizations and foundations who make a donation to GOAL Project increases by at least 10%.