“Families including Children are Hurting As Well As the Individual in Active Addiction.”

 I am participating in this ministry because it is a way to help people who are struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and their families.  We know that families including children are hurting as well as the individual in active addiction.  I want more people to know that SUD is a disease.

Through this ministry I want to also assist families prepare their children for the world we live in; one full of opportunities to use, misuse and abuse substances.  Everyone needs to be aware and educated regarding responsible use and what to do if you cannot use responsibly.  Children also need to know if they have SUD in their families and that they are more vulnerable to it.

I am hopeful that the ministry will allow people to let go of guilt and shame regarding SUD so they and their families can get the assistance that they need from treatment programs, therapy and support from our congregation.  Stigma about SUD is not helpful to anyone.  Education for our congregation is the first step.

  • Anonymous, Member of Addiction Prevention and Recovery Support Ministry