GOAL Community Award Nomination

If you know of an outstanding community member and/or agency during the course of the current year then please complete this nomination form by clicking on the link below for the consideration of an award.



JUNE 2017

Dear Supporters,

You would think that our name says it all, and in some respects, it does. GOAL Project relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish its good work.  For over 20 years volunteers have been a mainstay of our services of our organization. We has weathered many different types of storms However, our brand has never been stronger or more relevant.

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MARCH 2017

Dear Supporters,

I am honored and humbled to have been selected as the new Executive Director of the GOAL Project. The one thing that inspired me to take the position is the passion and dedication to the mission that is evident in the board of directors, staff, volunteers and supporters of the organization. Buildings can be built and systems can be improved; however, it takes a passionate team to make that happen. We are that team!

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